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Giving you the highest quality CBD strains known to man!

We are dedicated to bringing the best tasting, highest quality CBD Flowers to the United Kingdom, we have suppliers based in California and Switzerland, we import private reserve strains and strains which most CBD stores in the UK dont stock, which sets us apart from the rest, tired of getting bad tasting CBD? Well so are we, so we dedicate our whole life getting the best tasting CBD flowers available

Expert Growers

Our CBD flower is sourced from expert growers, our suppliers are based in Switzerland, California & Colorado

All Organic

All of our CBD flowers are 100% organic and all are flushed so no nasty chemicals reside!

Flavour Chasers

We here at TopShelfCBD are flavour chasers, so we source the best tasting CBD flower out there!

CBD flower contains NO THC and is all 100% organic no added terpenes and are all flushed

CBD can be administered through various methods, including capsules, lozenges, tinctures, dermal patches, oral or dermal sprays, cannabis edibles, and vaporizing or smoking dried buds.

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Expert Sourcers100%
Expert Growers100%
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The best of the best!!!100%

Our Expertises

Experts at sourcing Premium cali grade CBD flowers

TopShelfCBD has gamechanging CBD strains never seen before in the UK, importing from CALI and Switzerland our strains are out of this world.

What They Said

We’re proud to be offering the best cbd flowers in the UK.

  • Absolute fire strains! Some of the best CBD flowers i’ve tried, MIMOSA is ridiculous!! Mint cookies are amazing and the Exodus is DANK!.. Thanks guys!

    Johnny S
    Verified Purchase
  • The strains here are amazing, strains that i cant find anywhere in the Uk, Mimosa and Exodus are my faves the smell and taste of these are out of this world for cbd, just as good as cali grade.

    Mike A
    Verified Purchase

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